The Righteous Progress Eternally

From Bruce R. McConkie’s Mormon Doctrine, p.655 (RIGHTEOUSNESS)

Righteousness brings to pass eternal progression. It was the more righteous portion of the spirits in pre-existence who kept their first estate and gained the right to come to earth and receive bodies. Here in mortality it is the righteous who accept the gospel, live its principles, gain the companionship of the Holy Ghost, and enjoy the peace that passeth understanding. Between death and the resurrection, the souls of the righteous find peace and rest in paradise, while the souls of the wicked—those who are spiritually dead, meaning dead “as to things pertaining unto righteousness” (Alma 12:16; Hela. 14:18)— suffer the damnation of hell in outer darkness. (Alma 40:11-14.) Then in the day of judgment the righteous have righteousness restored to them again. (Alma 41:14; Hela. 14:29; Morm. 9:14.)